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Construction insurance is a necessity for any professional working in the construction industry. The risks are high and a lack of coverage in the event of damage, injury, or other major problem can seriously impact your business.

That may not be news to you – yet many businesses get caught up in insurance coverage disputes that can be complex to resolve.

These can easily escalate unless you enlist the help of legal professionals with the necessary experience and knowledge of the complexities of construction insurance and the associated laws.

At Bennett Legal Group in Orlando, our construction insurance coverage dispute attorneys will protect your rights, advise on the next steps and endeavor to deliver the outcome you expect from your dispute. We are often called upon by insurance companies and the Construction Professionals they serve to act as defense counsel when claims or lawsuits are filed against them.

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Construction Insurance Coverage Disputes in Florida

Construction insurance is a routine requirement for professionals and businesses engaged in the construction industry. 

There are many “moving parts” in a construction project, meaning that many things can go wrong.

With the competing interests of property owners, businesses and insurance companies, as well as the frequent difficulties in proving liability, it naturally leads to many coverage disputes. 

Few law firms focus on this area of law specifically for the construction industry, making resolutions often complex, drawn-out, with unsatisfactory results for the affected parties. 

Our firm has extensive experience in mediating and litigating these disputes. This means that there is less chance of the dispute escalating, costing more in legal fees or causing avoidable delays to the project…and more chance of a favorable outcome for your business.

Types of construction insurance in Florida

Construction insurance is wide-ranging. It may cover the damage to or destruction of a building while it is in progress and/or third-party injury or damage claims. 

One of the most common types of construction insurance coverage is called “Contractors’ All Risk” insurance or “Builders’ Risk”. Large commercial building projects often necessitate this type of insurance coverage.

Another of the most common standard types of insurance is general liability insurance. This protects against lawsuits and financial obligations resulting from accidents on the construction site or from construction defects that cause damage.

Professional liability insurance is issued to cover damages caused by the negligence of a design professional, such as an architect or engineer.

Common Construction Insurance Disputes 

Large sums may be involved in construction insurance claims. When these claims are disputed or denied by the insurance company, it can create confusion, stress, and financial hardship for the construction professionals or businesses concerned.

Disputes can arise at any stage of the claims process but if you are represented by an insurance coverage attorney, you are less likely to encounter problems, unnecessary delays, and claim rejections.

Some of our coverage experience includes claims involving:

If you face an insurance claim from a third party, we can work with your insurance company to help defend against the claim.

Contact Our Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys

If you are an engineer, architect or other design professional based in Florida and need to file an insurance claim – or defend a claim against you – we have the necessary insurance coverage experience to help.

We can even help contractors and subcontractors review construction insurance policies, explaining details of coverage and potential risks before committing.

With insurance claims, we generally attempt to settle matters out of court but are always prepared for a court trial if necessary.

Call us today at 407-734-4559 to arrange a consultation or complete a short form and let us know the nature of your issue.

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