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Florida Infrastructure & Highway Claims Lawyers - Bennet Legal Group: Construction & Business Litigation

Major infrastructure and highway projects involve a high potential for risk and disruption for engineers, contractors, and owners with mistakes and delays extremely costly.

Complex regulations are in place by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX), and others and project disputes often require the knowledge and experience of a dedicated infrastructure and highway professional liability attorney to resolve.

The attorneys at Bennett Legal Group can assist in resolving these matters without unnecessary delays and expense.

Our infrastructure and highway professional liability attorneys will represent you and protect your interests, preferably settling claims out of court. If alternative dispute resolution methods are not successful, we are prepared to take the matter to trial.

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Infrastructure & Highway Project Disputes in Florida

The infrastructure and highway liability attorneys at Bennett Legal Group can assist in situations involving the following types of projects:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Highway construction projects
  • Bridge construction projects
  • Drainage projects

These projects frequently involve state agencies such as the FDOT and CFX and are subject to complex regulations governing them.

Multiple types of problems can arise in such specialized projects and these often require specialist legal advice.

Our infrastructure and highway liability attorneys have significant experience working with engineering and construction companies in Florida to resolve the ensuing disputes in these projects. We not only understand the relevant laws and regulations but also the different roles played by governmental owners of such projects, as well as contractors, engineers, and construction engineering inspection (“CEI”) firms.

How can we help with infrastructure & highway project disputes?

On highway projects, our attorneys are often called upon to defend against serious personal injury claims that can arise in construction-related accidents. These frequently occur in designated work zones, adding extra complexity to the cases.

Highway project accidents often involve safety and maintenance of traffic (MOT) regulations. These regulations make provisions for the travelling public to safely navigate the types of heavy highway construction work encountered when traversing the interstate highway system.

With the recent passage of the 2021 infrastructure bill in the U.S., over a trillion dollars will be spent throughout the nation on infrastructure projects in the coming years. This increases the importance of having an experienced infrastructure and highway liability attorney on your side to help you defend your interests and resolve any disputes that arise.

Why Hire an Infrastructure & Highway Professional Liability Lawyer?

Our lawyers are currently involved in cases dealing with alleged design defects and water damage caused by large stormwater discharge projects, as well as disputes concerning the design and construction of wastewater treatment plants.

We are also handling multiple personal injury cases where motorists have been injured or even died in accidents in or near construction work zones, as well as delay claims and cost overrun claims involving such projects.

With the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration, it is often possible to reach a reasonable settlement without the intervention of a judge. This saves time, expense, and stress for the parties involved.

Our infrastructure and highway professional liability attorneys are, however, experienced litigators and prepared to go to trial. This is important as some law firms have little experience in the specifics of construction litigation and are ill-equipped to represent construction companies or engineers with infrastructure or highway professional liability insurance claims.

We have been working in or with the construction industry for a combined period of many decades and our clients have included many leading construction companies and engineering firms involved in major construction projects around Florida.

Contact Our Florida Professional Liability Attorneys

If you are a construction company engineer, architect, or other design professional based in Florida and involved in a dispute on a major infrastructure or highway project, we can assist you in conducting legal negotiations for a favorable outcome.

We routinely work with owners, engineers, general contractors, and construction companies around the state, assessing the strength of potential claims and providing “pre-claim” assistance to prevent disputes from escalating unnecessarily.

Call us today at 407-734-4559 to arrange a consultation, or complete a short form and let us know the nature of your issue.

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