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Reducing Financial Exposure by 87%

October 1, 2018|Categories: Case Studies|

We regularly represent construction and design firms in high-stakes litigation. We represent our clients vigorously and mitigate any potential fall-out from their legal issues. While our goal is always to eliminate any fall-out, sometimes mitigation is what our client needs. Whatever the case, we work with our clients to understand [...]

Jury Trial Involving Breach of Commercial Lease Claim

March 17, 2018|Categories: Case Studies|

Jury trial involving breach of commercial lease claim on property in Bossier City, Louisiana. Client prevailed at Summary Judgment in Louisiana Federal Court. Plaintiff appealed to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal. Appellate Court reversed our client’s summary judgment and remanded the case for trial. Jury Trial held in [...]

Multi-Million Dollar Delay

March 2, 2018|Categories: Case Studies|

Developed and litigated the defense of an internationally known architectural firm against the multi-million dollar delay and disruption claims of a plaintiff general contractor related to a theme park hotel project. The matter between the architect and general contractor was resolved via confidential settlement agreement. The matter was litigated on [...]

Defense of General Contractor Against Multi-Million Dollar Defect Claims

February 26, 2018|Categories: Case Studies|

Developed and litigated the defense of a general contractor against the multi-million dollar construction defect claims of a plaintiff theme park owner related to a hotel/convention center project. The matter between the owner and general contractor was resolved via confidential settlement. We continued to litigate the general contractor’s affirmative claims [...]

Miami-Dade Airport

February 19, 2018|Categories: Case Studies|

Developed and litigated the defense of the Miami-Dade County Aviation Authority in a multi-million dollar case for alleged wrongful termination of a construction contract. The contract at issue was related to the expansion of the Miami-Dade County Airport and was litigated in both federal and state court. The matter was [...]

Complex Mediation Involving 10 Parties

February 7, 2018|Categories: Case Studies|

Prepared for trial and mediation the defense of a multi-million dollar construction defect claim by a North Carolina based developer against the general contractor of 25 building apartment complex. After handling all aspects of discovery and depositions in the case, the matter was settled at a complex mediation involving over [...]

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