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Some law firms take on construction law cases without ever having set foot on a construction site.

At Bennett Legal Group, we don’t just know Florida construction law and offer it as a service. We live it. 

Practical experience in the industry shaped our practice and it is our raison d’être.

Real-world knowledge combined with construction litigation and civil law experience positions us to be able to help construction businesses and professionals in Florida solve legal disputes and claims effectively – with the minimum of time and expense incurred.

Our founding partner and other attorneys at Bennett Legal Group spent many years in the construction industry before building our firm. 

We have the wider legal knowledge to deal with general business litigation matters but our focus nowadays is almost entirely on the construction industry.

A history in construction

Our founding partner Brian Bennett is not only a lawyer. After graduating with a physics degree he worked as an engineer and contractor and later became a lawyer for the specific purpose of providing legal expertise to the construction industry.

He was involved in many major construction projects in North Carolina and South Carolina before moving back to his home state of Florida.

As well as having an enviable knowledge of Florida construction law and litigation, he has a practical sense of the issues faced every day by owners, design professionals, and contractors. He “talks your language”.

For over 25 years Brian’s focus, and now the firm’s, has been helping professionals within the construction industry solve legal matters.

Florida construction litigation firm 

Construction is a unique industry with unique types of issues arising in addition to the standard business ones. 

We believe that this requires a dedicated approach.

Over the years, we have assisted designers, engineers, builders and other contractors and subcontractors solve these issues largely out of the courtroom. We have also represented property owners on the “other side” of the fence.

Typically, construction litigation cases involve contract disputes, construction defects, delays and extra work claims, payment disputes, and insurance disputes.

We always stress to contractors, subcontractors, design professionals and owners the importance of creating detailed construction contracts that set out the rights and responsibilities of each party before the job begins. 

While misunderstandings, mistakes and disputes are a natural part of doing business in the construction industry in Florida, the strength of your contracts is key to determining the impact of disputes on your future.

Construction litigation with an ADR-first approach

With our construction background, we understand the typical issues that arise in construction disputes along with the risks involved for all parties.

This places us in a strong position to be able to mediate disputes.

Although we are a construction litigation law firm, we work with our clients so that matters don’t end up in front of a judge. We recognize the importance of being prepared for this eventuality but take the steps to avoid it. A trial creates often avoidable expenses, project delays, uncertainty and stress.

Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that are alternatives to a trial. We generally recommend them and provide these services.

Clients prefer it. The civil court system in Florida prefers it. And we prefer it. When it serves the best interest of our clients.

Ultimately, all parties want the project completed on time and within budget. This overarching goal is important to bear in mind when construction projects run into complications.

Recognized as leaders in Florida construction litigation 

Our attorneys are recognized leaders in Florida Construction Law and we take pride in celebrating our client’s successful outcomes. There is much more to successfully handling a complex construction dispute than simply hiring someone with a law degree. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Commercial litigators in Orlando 

While our focus is firmly on construction litigation, Bennett Legal Group is an accomplished commercial litigation law firm. 

Our business litigation attorneys have represented companies with commercial disputes in many sectors around the state of Florida.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or run a partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation, we can assist with your legal matters. 

Book a Florida construction law consultation 

If you are facing complex contractual issues, liability issues, or a construction dispute, the stakes can be very high. 

It is advisable to seek legal counsel from industry professionals as early as possible in the case before it escalates and delays the completion of the project.

Our Florida attorneys can review your construction claim/dispute and advise on the recommended next steps.

Call us today at 407-734-4559 to arrange a consultation or complete a short form and let us know the nature of your issue.

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