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Construction Litigation

Our law firm was built by construction industry professionals and is dedicated to the specific legal needs of construction businesses.

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Business Litigation

Because of our deep understanding of commercial law, we can represent companies in almost any type of business litigation in Florida.

Maitland Construction Law Attorneys Serving Clients Across Florida

We are a construction law firm in Florida completely devoted to the needs of construction and business litigation. BLG is founded by Brian Bennett, who worked as a contractor and civil engineer before becoming an attorney.

We were founded by Brian Bennett, who worked as a contractor and civil engineer before becoming an attorney. A board-certified specialist in construction law since 2005, Brian and the firm’s primary focus is meeting the business and legal needs of construction industry businesses and professionals.

We aim to resolve disputes before they escalate into full-blown and expensive litigation, using alternative dispute resolution methods and pre-litigation strategies wherever possible.  But in the event your case needs to be tried, you can rest assured that our team is experienced and battle-tested.

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Construction Litigation Lawyers Serving Maitland Florida

Dedicated to the needs of the construction industry

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Meet Our Team

Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal services to the construction industry by applying innovative solutions with practical insights gained from hands-on experience in the construction and design fields.

Clients call on our construction law attorneys because of our comprehensive background in the industry and experience in business litigation.

Brian Bennett Attorney

Brian Bennett


Brian is a construction and business litigator and has tried cases before juries, judges and arbitrators in multiple states and in Canada.

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Brett Marlowe Attorney

Brett Marlowe


Brett Marlowe focuses his practice representing clients in commercial and construction disputes.

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Michelle Kane Attorney

Michelle Kane


Michelle B. Kane earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and worked in the Building Industry for twelve years prior to becoming an attorney.

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Brett Marlowe Attorney

Joseph L. Webster


Joseph L. Webster  attented University of Virginia and Bachelor of Arts, History, and Foreign Affairs, May 2019;
Florida State University College of Law, Juris Doctor, May 2022

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Legal Practice Areas

Construction Defects

Whether you are a construction business with a Notice of Claim from a building owner or you need to prove that a construction defect exists, we can assist.

Infrastructure & Highway Claims

Our infrastructure and highway professional liability attorneys will represent you and protect your interests, preferably settling claims out of court. If alternative dispute resolution methods are not successful, we are prepared to take the matter to trial.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Negotiation, mediation and arbitration are private methods of resolving disputes and are alternatives to expensive and public court trials.

Contract Disputes

Where one party is claimed to be in breach of a construction contract, we can often help resolve the dispute in your favor without a trial.

Malpractice Defense

If you are a design professional, architect or engineer accused of malpractice, our attorneys can defend your reputation and your business.

Business Litigation

Our commercial law attorneys can assist with disputes involving breach of contract, payments, insurance, employment, fraud, and more.

Delay and Extra Work

If you are an owner, contractor, or design professional facing a claim related to delays or extra work, we can represent you in dispute resolution.

Payment Disputes

Florida’s prompt payment laws protect contractors, subs, and other construction professionals from nonpayment and we can help enforce them.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage disputes are often complex. owners, contractors, engineers, architects, and other design professionals in Florida navigate these complex issues, assist with filing insurance claims, and defend claims against their businesses.

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If you have a claim or dispute in Florida involving a construction project, our Florida construction attorneys can advise you on your rights, obligations, and next steps.

Start with arranging a consultation and we will evaluate your case.

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Client Reviews

Brian Bennett possesses and demonstrates the highest ethical conduct and competence in construction litigation and negotiation of construction contracts. He exercises common sense and has been courteous and professional in all of our dealings.

Construction Litigation

by a Partner

I have worked with Brett on two matters in Georgia. Brett exhibits the highest levels of professionalism in everything he does. Technically, he is a thorough attorney who is always well-versed in the law and facts of his cases. Personally, Brett is very easy to work with. I would look forward to any future cases with Brett, even if we were on opposite sides.

Real Estate Litigation

by a Senior Associate

Brian Bennett is the “cream of the crop” of construction lawyers in Orlando. I have had the pleasure of working with him at the same firm years ago, and have seen him develop as a seasoned litigator.

Construction Law

by a Managing Partner

Construction building at night - Bennet Legal Group: Construction & Business Litigation

Trust our experience

As a law firm built and grown by professionals with decades of hands-on experience in the construction industry, you can trust our know-how in all matters relating to construction disputes.

Our Florida construction attorneys have a profound understanding of the relevant laws and how to apply them. We are also quick to recognize the key factors in disputes and to propose innovative solutions that reduce delays and costs. We do not rest until we have exhausted all possible avenues for a favorable outcome for clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bennett Legal Group focuses on legal work in the construction industry. In fact, Brian Bennett, the founder of Bennett Legal Group has extensive experience as a contractor and civil engineer prior to establishing the law firm. Brian’s experience means he understands the practical implications of legal decisions and can see dilemmas and solutions within the big picture of the construction firm. At Bennett Legal Group, our attorneys are trained to provide not just solid legal advice, but solid, practical legal advice.
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are used instead of judicial intervention. They can be used to resolve all types of legal matters from disputes in divorces to personal injury claims, as well as business disputes.
Arbitration occurs when all of the parties to the dispute agree (either in their contract or by separate agreement) to use a third-party neutral to decide the case instead of using a judge or jury. Why not just go to court? There are a number of reasons. Arbitration is private and confidential, unlike court which is public and out in the open. Arbitration can significantly reduce the cost of resolving the dispute and can resolve the dispute much more efficiently. Arbitration also brings finality; unlike going to court with its endless appeals, there are very limited ways to overturn an arbitration award. This is because the decision by the arbitrator (the third-party neutral) is legally binding on all parties.

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Trust our experience and get decades of construction and business litigation experience on your side. We will provide innovative solutions with practical insights gained from hands-on experience in the construction and design fields.

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