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Is Your Construction Firm Using Drones? Maybe it Should.

Construction Law Firm » Is Your Construction Firm Using Drones? Maybe it Should.

Drones are on the rise in the U.S. In fact, they may be on the rise across multiple industries. But the construction and engineering industries are leading the charge – 35% of companies in those sectors have adopted the use of drones in their work. And those firms using drones expect to use them even more in the future.

Why are drones so popular? They can reduce costs by more efficiently capturing information. In fact, the top three reasons companies are using drones are: to capture more information, to be more efficient and to reduce time waste.

There have, however, been some challenges. If your firm is considering the use of drones, you might expect to struggle with employee buy in. This may be attributed to the overly stringent certification requirements by the FAA. Staying up to date on laws and regulations can be challenging in the up and coming drone industry. And if you do use drones, be sure to develop internal processes, policies and procedures for their use – this will help ensure everyone stays up to date and in compliance with FAA regulations. One thing that may help would be to use a third party drone service provider. These organizations connect businesses with licensed, trained and experienced drone pilots. Using this could reduce legal risk to your construction firm.

Why should your firm consider incorporating drones? 92% of companies surveyed saw a positive return on their drone investment within just one year. It could be a smart move to dive into the technological world of drones.

If you do decide to look into the use of drones, we are here to help you develop the right policies, adjust contracts, and provide the advice you need to ensure your legal risk remains minimal and you are prepared for any legal issues that could arise from the use of drones.

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