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Why Choose Bennett Legal Group?

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As you are searching for an attorney, whether for a specific need or for ongoing needs, you may wonder exactly how you should go about choosing the right attorney for you. We would encourage you to look into different firms and find the right one for you – legal work is tough as is; having the right attorney on your side can make things go as smoothly as possible. Look at the areas of practice, the extent of their experience, the philosophy of the firm, etc. It’s important to find someone qualified in the work you need done but also with a philosophy and personality that works for you. So, why choose us?

Bennett Legal Group focuses on legal work in the construction industry. In fact, Brian Bennett, the founder of Bennett Legal Group has extensive experience as a contractor and civil engineer prior to establishing the law firm. Brian’s experience means he understands the practical implications of legal decisions and can see dilemmas and solutions within the big picture of the construction firm. At Bennett Legal Group, our attorneys are trained to provide not just solid legal advice, but solid, practical legal advice.

On top of our experience directly in the construction industry, Bennett Legal Group also brings decades of legal experience to the table. Our experience includes resolving contract disputes, handling issues involving defects, payment disputes, malpractice and Alternative Dispute Resolution. We handle a variety of legal issues that come up in business and construction litigation and have been doing so for decades.

Bringing practical and legal experience, our philosophy as a firm is to work closely with our clients to provide customized solutions. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We know each client has different priorities and concerns and we craft a strategic plan to address each client’s specific concerns with the goal of achieving their priorities.

So why choose Bennett Legal Group? If you want practical experience in construction, combined with decades of legal experience and a philosophy of customization for each client, we are the right firm for you. Give us a call today for a consultation.

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