Robots: The Future of The Construction Industry

20 years ago, this might have sounded like the name of a sci-fi movie. Today, it’s a realistic prediction of the future. As we type this, there is a robotics company that is working on creating military-grade applications and powered prosthetic limbs. This work is aimed at relieving some of the manual labor burden from the construction industry. Another company, Sarcos Robotics, is looking into things like an inspection robot that has a camera mounted to it and can climb stairs and metal surfaces, a powered exoskeleton that can reduce workplace injuries and robotic arms that can lift up to 500 pounds each.

Some large construction companies are already interested in these developments and plan to use it to supplement human labor, not necessarily replace it. Keep an eye on these developments as some robotic products may be available within the next couple of years.

If you are considering implementing some robotic or automated tools in your construction company, remember that you may need to revisit your insurance policies, internal policies and other legal documents to ensure you are properly insured and remain in compliance with any regulations. Bennett Legal Group is here to help your company as the industry evolves with technology.