What is a construction defect? Almost any condition that reduces the value of a building, home, condominium, or other improvement to real property can be legally recognized as a defect in design or workmanship. Common defects in design, workmanship and materials include: water seepage through roofs, windows and sliding glass doors; siding and stucco deficiencies; slab leaks or cracks; faulty drainage; improper landscaping and irrigation; termite infestation; improper materials; structural failure or collapse; defective mechanical and plumbing; faulty electrical wiring; inadequate environmental controls; improper security measures and devices; insufficient insulation and poor sound protection; and inadequate firewall protection.

Landslide and earth settlement can also create problems; examples include: expansive soils; underground water or streams; landslides; settlement; earth movement; improper compaction; inadequate grading; and drainage.


How Can We Help?

Proving that a defect exists or defending against a defect claim can be challenging and expensive. In most cases, you will need to hire the services of an independent expert. Experts are those who have the necessary training, education and experience to give testimony in court as to the cause of a defect and how to repair it. For example, if your building leaks, a building envelope expert familiar with waterproofing design and installation would be in a good position to testify. And while a general or roofing contractor can repair a damaged roof, he may not be the best person to act as your expert. Caution: it is wise to consult with counsel before hiring an expert to protect the information and control the expenses.

Bennett Legal Group represents clients throughout Florida in a range of construction law matters. We have extensive experience in construction defect litigation including building envelope, water intrusion, and other defect claims. We have a network of experts that can assist in virtually any defect case.