The Importance of Construction Lawyers for Contracts

April 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|

When two or more parties agree to build something together, a construction contract is drawn up to outline the terms and conditions of the project. This document is vital in protecting the interests of both parties, and it's important to have a construction lawyer who can help make sure the [...]

Top 10 Issues with Construction Contracts

April 5, 2022|Categories: Blog|

The construction industry is full of risk. This can be seen in how each party handles the risks they are assigned by contract. It also affects you as an investor or lender. If your loan goes south due to missed deadlines and budget overages! Construction loans typically carry higher interest [...]

Contract Disputes

July 7, 2020|Categories: Blog|

When you are involved in a construction contract dispute, it is crucial that you get proper legal representation. Contracts are legally binding agreements that need to be understood by all parties involved and when disputes arise, they are difficult to navigate and resolve. At Bennett Legal Group, we have extensive [...]

Coronavirus and Construction Management

June 15, 2020|Categories: Blog|

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the construction industry as a whole, construction management needs to organize how they are proceeding as the virus progresses. The geographic location of projects and business operations, like the expansion of the virus itself, is influencing the ongoing impact and resulting conditions for [...]

Pulling a Permit for a Fee – Just Don’t Do It

December 20, 2019|Categories: Blog|

Pulling a Permit It starts innocently enough. A business colleague approaches you and offers an arrangement to pay you a “fee” for each permit you pull for various projects on behalf of the business. This is extra money on the side and sounds like a great deal, right? This scenario [...]

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