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Business Litigation 101

We have many business clients who come to us facing business-related disputes and are unsure of where to even begin. After all, these are business professionals well versed in their business, not attorneys or lawsuits. We always start by walking...
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Construction Disputes: What is Arbitration?

Many construction projects involve disputes at some point in the process. If you are managing a construction firm, you’ve likely experienced disputes on a number of projects. What happens when there’s a dispute? In some cases, the dispute goes to...
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OSHA Noncompliance is costlier in 2019

Is your construction firm compliant with all of the OSHA regulations? If not, it could be extremely costly. Fines for OSHA noncompliance can be extremely costly. In fact, in Q4 of 2018 one contractor was fined more than $420,000. Even...
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