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Common Causes of Commercial Real Estate Disputes in Florida

October 5, 2023|Categories: Real Estate Disputes|

Preventing real estate disputes should be a priority in every commercial construction project but even the most professionally drafted contracts can run into issues. Legal disputes can be tough for both budgets and timescales of construction projects. Disagreements should be dealt with promptly and workable solutions found, with litigation [...]

Bid Protests, Bid Disputes & Public Contracting in Florida

July 20, 2023|Categories: Bid Protests, Blog, Construction Disputes, Public Contracting|

With the high stakes at play in public construction contracts, bid protests and disputes are relatively common among contractors in Florida.Bidding is critical to the success of a construction business and being adversely affected by an erroneous, unfair, or biased decision can impact the financial security of contracting companies.If you [...]

What are Some Common Disputes in Commercial Construction?

June 15, 2023|Categories: Blog, Commercial Construction, Construction Disputes|

When a commercial construction contract is signed, everybody hopes that the project will be completed as planned — on time and within budget. But the inherent complexities in construction projects mean that few proceed without some hiccups — and, in the worst cases, full-blown disputes arise. Contractors, subcontractors, material [...]

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